Not sure what questions you should ask me, your Realtor, when buying a new home?
Here are some quick ones for you….

You should be certain that a house is the ideal fit for you before putting in an offer. But how can you find your ideal partner when there are so many alternatives and so much competition?

Asking the appropriate questions will help you conduct the necessary research to find the ideal home. By doing this, you can be sure that your offer is competitive and that the house you’re buying will fulfil your needs over the long run.

These are the top 15 questions you must ask when buying a home in order to separate the gems from the duds.

  • What is the entirety of my budget?
  • Is the house vulnerable to flooding or other natural disasters?
  • The merchant is departing, why?
  • What is offered for sale?
  • Were there any significant alterations or additions?
  • What is the roof’s age?
  • How old are the primary systems and appliances?
  • How long has the property been listed for sale?
  • How much have properties in the area sold for?
  • Exist any risks to one’s health or safety?
  • How many previous insurance claims have there been?
  • What kind of people live nearby?
  • How would you rate the area?
  • Is the house having any issues?
  • What will my closing costs be?

Still at a loss? No worries. I am here to answer all questions you may have AND make sure you ARE asking the right questions.

Reach out to me for all the answers.
Milind Jog
Royal LePage Credit Valley RE
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