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Referral Store

Welcome to our referral store. Here you will find contact information for experts from different fields that we have worked with in the past. Feel free to contact them with any of your needs, or contact us with any questions you may have. 

Mortgages  |  Real Estate Lawyers  |  Insurance  |  Cleaning Services  |  Home Staging  |  Interior Design  |  Appliances  |  Landscaping  |  Moving & Storage  |  Renovations  |  Flooring  |  Roofing & Eavestroughs  |  Window & Door Coverings  |  Plumbers  |  Technology Help


Whether you are looking to renew your mortgage, refinance your home or apply for your first mortgage, it’s important to weigh your options. Below is a list of mortgage brokers we’ve worked with.

RBC Royal Bank
Rahul Agarwal
T: 647-994-8027
E: rahul.agarwal@rbc.com
W: mortgage.rbc.com/rahul.agarwal

Mortgage Architects Professionals
Vitaliy Bystrytskiy
T: 647-352-7728
E: moymortgage@gmail.com
W: www.moymortgage.com

Arash Fazelipour
T: 416-995-5500
E: info@myterms.ca
W: www.myterms.ca

EquityLine Financial
Mahsa Moayedi
T: 647-292-5199
E: mahsa@equitylinefinancial.com
W: www.equitylinefinancial.com

Ana Faria
T: 647-237-3003
E: ana.faria@cibc.com
W: www.cibc.com

Dominion Lending Centres
Adnan Siddiqui
T: 647-835-3315
E: adnansiddiqui@live.ca
W: www.dominionmotgageplus.ca

Stephanie Livsey
T: 416-816-2747
E: stephanie.livsey@scotiabank.com
W: hfa.scotiabank.com/slivsey

Real Estate Lawyers

Whether you are buying or selling a home, it is important to work with an experienced and knowledgeable real estate lawyer. Below is a list of real estate lawyers we’ve worked with.

Daksh Law Professional Corporation
Vipin K. Sharma
T: 905-497-8000
E: vipinsharma@dakshlaw.ca
W: www.dakshlaw.ca

Real Property Transaction Centres Inc.
Dennis Pao
T: 905-454-5411
E: dpao@realproperty.ca
W: www.realproperty.ca

Mina Khalil
T: 905-826-1326
E: mkhalil@mrklaw.ca
W: www.mrklaw.ca


There are many different types of insurance when it comes to real estate from home insurance, condo insurance and renter’s insurance. The brokers in the list below will you be able to assist you with these as well as life insurance.

Rhodes & Williams Limited
James Vlachos
T: 905-781-5411
E: jvlachos@canadianhomeshield.com
W: www.canadianhomeshield.com

Arcangelo Limanni
T: 416-587-7687
E: arcangelo.limanni@primerica.com
W: www.primericacanada.ca

Peak Investment Services Inc
Rocco Romeo
T: 519-821-0391
E: rromeo@peakgroup.com
W: www.grouppeak.com


Agnes Demianczuk
T: 905-751-2178
E: ademianczuk@brokerlink.ca
W: www.brokerlink.ca
Dan Attridge
T: 905-751-2154
E: dattridge@brokerlink.ca
W: www.brokerlink.ca


Cleaning Services

Whether you’ve recently finished renovating, just bought a new home, or preparing to list your home, a good deep clean is always a good idea. Below is a list of cleaners we’ve worked with.

Two Maids

Nicole Sutton
T: 416-574-1447
E: nicole@twomaids.ca
Natasha Faria
T: 905-599-8447
E: natasha@twomaids.ca


Prestige Plus Services
Mary Mclean
T: 416-545-7481
E: info@prestigeplusmaids.ca
W: www.prestigeplusmaids.ca

Home Staging

When looking to sell your home, staging your home properly can make quite the difference in the getting the right price for your home. Below is a list of home stagers we’ve worked with.

Spangle Staging
Ritu Sharma
T: 647-891-1972
E: ritu@spanglestaging.com
W: www.spanglestaging.com

Interior Design

An experienced interior designer can help you redesign specific rooms or your entire home. Below is a list of interior designers we’ve worked with.

Prestige Designs
Mary Mclean
T: 416-545-7481
E: emcleanl@rogers.com


Nice appliances in the kitchen can also help net top dollar for your home. Contact one of the companies listed below for all your appliance needs.

Canadian Appliance Source
Sam Gunarathnam
T: 905-766-3417 x 209
E: sam.gun@canadianappliancesource.ca
W: www.canadianappliance.ca


Proper landscaping can help increase the curb appeal of your home. Below is a list of landscapers we’ve worked with.

DecoWork Designs Inc.
Panicos (Nicos) Aristides
T: 289-988-8511
E: info@decoworkdesigns.com
W: www.decoworkdesigns.com

Euro Maintenace & Landscaping
John Milkovic
T: 289-684-5646
E: mikovicj@yahoo.ca

Moving & Storage

A reputable moving and storage company is always important when planning a move. Below is a list of moving companies we’ve worked with.

Taylor Moving & Storage
Matt Czernikiewicz
T: 905-632-8010 x 250
E: matt@ataylormoving.com
W: www.ataylormoving.com


Whether you’re looking to renovate a recent purchase or your current home before listing it for sale, finding a good contractor is key. Below you will find a list of contractors we’ve worked with.

DecoWork Designs Inc.
Panicos (Nicos) Aristides
T: 289-988-8511
E: info@decoworkdesigns.com
W: www.decoworkdesigns.com

Bansal Renovations Inc.
Jagjit Singh
T: 416-567-7821
E: bansalrenovations@hotmail.com

Contempo Renovation Solutions

Jose Pineda
T: 647-860-2216
E: jpineda@contempo.ca
W: www.contempo.ca
Manuel Guillen
T: 647-708-8351
E: mgullen@contempo.ca
W: www.contempo.ca


Phenom Construction
David Cooper
T: 289-769-0506
E: dcooper@phenomconstruction.com
W: www.phenomconstruction.com


Hardwood floors are all the craze at the moment, if you’re thinking of changing the floors in your home, please consult one of the flooring shops in our list below.

Decor Floors
T: 905-874-8800
W: www.decorfloors.ca

Invision Hardwood & Decor
Roy Yonash
T: 905-669-8300 x 22
E: roy@invisionhardwooddecor.com
W: www.invisionhardwooddecor.com

Roofing & Eavestroughs

The roof is a key aspect that buyers look at when purchasing a home. If yours is due for replacement, please browse the list of roofing and eavestrough companies below.

Professional Gutters

T: 905-462-4602
T: 647-466-0993

E: xhenan_1_@hotmail.com

Window & Door Coverings

For custom blinds in your home, contact any of the companies on the list below.

Window & Door Coverings
Charles Yenkanna
T: 647-883-8913
E: info@regalwindowcoverings.com
W: www.regalwindowcoverings.com

A Designer’s Touch
Tony Zammit
T: 905-878-1180
W: www.adesignerstouch.ca

Budget Blinds
Barry Glenn
T: 647-409-9770
E: bglenn@budgetblinds.com
W: www.budgetblinds.com

Technology Help

Technology is ever changing, and can be hard to stay on top of. The companies below can help you with computer troubles as well as online marketing.

Nerds On Site
Paul Katz
T: 289-937-6351
E: paul.katz@nerdsonsite.com
W: www.nerdsonsite.com

Real Estate Simplified
Raj Chauhan
T: 647-852-8592
E: info@realestatesimplified.ca
W: www.realestatesimplified.ca